Amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, celebrities from various industries have been largely utilizing several social media platforms to provide entertainment to the public. One of these celebrities is the popular talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel.

In his YouTube channel, Jimmy Kimmel Live, he has a mini-series titled, Quarantine Minilogue, which he seemingly started due to the lockdown. On Tuesday, he mainly talked about some of today's "thickest-headed politicians" in the United States. He, reportedly, said that these individuals have been "passing the time by spreading nonsense" about virus outbreak.

According to The Daily Beast, the celebrity host began the episode by calling out the Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. It was said that Jimmy Kimmel's inclusion of the politician in his list was due to the statements that he gave the day before.

As revealed, Dan Patrick said that it does not make him "noble" or "brave" that old people are willing to die just "to help boost the stock market." Stunned with the statements, the celebrity host responded in his video and told the politician that, indeed, it does not make him noble, but it makes him an "idiot." He then cleared out that his statements, instead reveals that he is an idiot.

After sharing his insight, Jimmy Kimmel, reportedly, continued to mock other politicians. He shared that the Lieutenant Governor is not alone in the "moron-athon."

In a similar report released by The Union Journal, it was stated that the celebrity host moved on to mocking the United States President, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump. As explained, he specifically focused on the President's previous statements about how he plans for the country to be "open for business" come Easter.

Jimmy Kimmel emphasized that Easter is already approaching in two and a half weeks. He then, reportedly, said that "even Jesus" will be like "let's think this through."

Following his statements about the US President, he shared that the First Lady has tested negative for COVID-19. While it was, pretty much, good news, the celebrity host "mocked" the results by stating that "of course, she has."

He explained that it is not surprising since Melania Trump has been "six feet away" from her husband, Donald Trump "since Stormy Daniels." In the end, he added that the First Couple's marriage was the "inventor of social distancing."

Most of his followers agreed to what he said based on the comments posted on the channel. Some even went on to continue mocking Donald Trump and Melania Trump, as well as other politicians in the United States due to their "incompetence" amid the current crisis.