WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for The Last Man Standing season 8 episode 17. Read at your own risk.

The Last Man Standing season 8 episode 17 is scheduled to arrive next week on Fox, and this installment comes with a good laugh but also some awkward moments. Perhaps, the central story of next week's episode would be Jen's graduation.

The Last Man Standing season 8 episode 17 will be focusing on Jen's graduation. Within this episode, we're going to see Mike and Vanessa inviting Jen's father to the big celebration. This seems to be exciting, but it comes with a catch and this could actually lead to an awkward moment.

Based on the synopsis, Mike and Vanessa invite Jen's father to her graduation. But then, it looks like Jen is uncomfortable with it as she's struggling to accept her father's plus one: his girlfriend, Fiona. So, although her graduation would be a big moment, it still leads to an awkward celebration.

Elsewhere, The Last Man Standing season 8 episode 7 will also bring fun Outdoor Man drama. According to the synopsis, the Outdoor Man crew debate over which word has been said in a viral audio recording that's been tearing the internet apart.

Meanwhile, it looks like the sitcom will be delivering new episodes through most of April. Previously, there were a lot of questions whether or not there would be more episodes airing on the said month, given that there's been a lack of press releases.

Yet, it seems like Fox recognized that people need a good laugh now considering the current health crisis happening around the world.The network likely recognized that more viewers are staying at home right now who are interested in watching the sitcom.

It was originally assumed that the previous episode would be the final one this season since the production halted due to COVID-19 concerns. Apparently, that thing already changed as the sitcom will be bringing a new episode next week.

Also, there are other interesting happenings beyond this episode. Viewers will be seeing some familiar faces as the sitcom goes on. For instance, CarterMatt reported that Bill Engvall and Jay Leno are coming back for an individual arc for the month of April.

At the moment, the current renewal status of The Last Man Standing season 9 hasn't been announced. But despite that, many were optimistic that the show would be coming back for more, considering that it's one of the most popular sitcoms on Fox.

The Last Man Standing season 8 episode 17 airs on Thursday night, Apr. 2, on Fox.