Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande are two of the artists that have been dominating the music scene today. They both have hit albums and sold-out concerts but many are still wondering why they sound different on stage and during interviews. Cabello offered an answer to that. 

In her recent interview with BBC radio show, Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James, the "Havana" singer greeted the host by explaining that she has to speak in a different tone because she will be singing later in the day. Cabello explained that she needs to talk to a slightly lighter tone instead of her regular deep voice so she can save her singing voice later on. 

"That's actually how you would talk if you were a singer. Because when you talk like this from the back of your throat, it basically makes your voice very hoarse," Camila said. 

Shawn Mendes' girlfriend added this is also the reason why she and Ariana Grande spoke in a similar tone of voice. Ariana is infamous for her higher-pitched, almost babyish speaking tone but it looks like her normal speaking tone is a bit husky, almost similar to her singing voice.  

Cabello guessed that she and Ariana may also have the same vocal coach. In a 2013 Complex interview, Grande revealed that she started singing at the age of eight but she didn't have any formal training when she was starting out. She likely has a vocal coach now. 

Both Camila and Ariana have a voice type of a light lyric soprano. This means they have a bigger voice than a soubrette but still have the youthful quality in it. The "7 Rings" hitmaker has a four-octave vocal range while the former Fifth Harmony singer has three octaves. 

Meanwhile, Cabello and Mendes have shown off their voice chemistry in a recent Instagram Live concert for Global Citizen's Together at Home series. The online concert aims to urge everyone to stay at home amidst the coronavirus global pandemic. The couple sang Mendes' "Lost in Japan," Cabello's "Havana," and their collaboration "Señorita." 

Cabello will also showcase both her acting and singing skills in the upcoming live-action musical adaptation of Cinderella. The Disney movie started filming in the U.K. last month but it has been halted because of the coronavirus pandemic. The movie is scheduled to hit cinemas in February 2021.