Angelina Jolie is turning 45 in three months. While things are seemingly now better for her and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, it was said that they have continued to be the faces of many allegations.

In accordance with the actress' approaching birthday in June, some reports noted how her 44th birthday celebration went. As revealed, sources claimed that she "drunk-dialed" her former partner on that night. It was also said that she felt lonely, which is why the call was made in the first place.

According to magazines, the alleged source went on to share that Angelina Jolie also had a "few wines" before making the call. It was the last thing that Brad Pitt was expecting. Aside from the fact that the actress called, she also sounded "friendly" and nice, the source added.

While the call was unexpected, it was said that the call lasted for over an hour. This was mainly because the Troy actor could not "stop her from talking," the source explained.

The source further shared that the former couple talked about their respective "work" and the six kids. It was all "therapeutic" for her, and it was the "best gift" she received for her birthday, the allegations continued.

This narrative hit the headlines back then given that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were at the peak of their custody battle during that time, which was just a few days after the actress' birthday. Although many seemingly believed the claims, Gossip Cop revealed said that none of these things happened.

As per the reputed publication, trusted sources who are close to the situation stated that Angelina did not get drunk on her birthday. It was "nonsense," one source shared.

It was also pointed out that the actress was busy during that time, even during her birthday, because she was shooting her upcoming film, Those Who Wish Me Dead. So, it was impossible for Angelina Jolie to accidentally dial Brad Pitt's number since she was not drinking at that time. Plus, it was noted that they were not on "speaking terms" despite the improvements that they had in their relationship.

Gossip Cop also mentioned that the same publications that released this narrative have ongoing reputations of releasing fabricated stories and claims. It was said that several allegations were also made toward Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt prior to this narrative.

Needless to say, the supposed sources and tipsters were not true, and the same goes for their supposed stories about the former couple.