The British Royal Family has largely kept many of their royal traditions, which can be even traced back to many centuries ago. However, some things needed changing to answer to the call of the times.

In this day and age, where technology has become more advanced, writing letters and notices for communication are now rarely done. The same is also true for the members of the Royal Family. As it happens, and just like the rest of the world today, they also use smartphones and social media platforms to communicate with each other.

According to Express UK, the British Royal Family members all have smartphones, even Queen Elizabeth II. It was said that they all use it for various reasons, the same way how the public utilize them on a daily basis.

However, it is true that the royals are rarely seen using them when public. Some of the most apparent to this include the two duchesses, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

As per the publication, it is not surprising why they don't use gadgets much during public appearances and engagements. But, this does not mean that they are not allowed to use them.

Royal etiquette expert and analyst, Myka Meier, reportedly, shared that royals do not engage with their smartphones or gadgets when there is an audience because they do not want to look "unprofessional." Similar to the high-ranking professionals today, they usually leave and keep their smartphones in their pockets or bags.

Despite this kind of dynamic, Cheat Sheet revealed that members of the British Royal Family still very much use their gadgets, as well as different kinds of social media platforms. It was even shared that they have their own Whatsapp group chat, wherein most of the members are the younger generation of royals.

It remains unknown, though, if Queen Elizabeth II is a part of this group. Nevertheless, it was said that the Monarch has her smartphone with her at all times, which her royal aides always ensure to be in full charge. "It never dies," a source revealed.

As added by the source, the smartphone that the Queen uses is "incredibly secure" and "impossible to hack into." She always uses it to "text" the other members of the British Royal Family, especially her grandchildren.

Aside from her smartphone, it was also revealed that the royals have their own iPads and laptops, even the Queen herself, who reportedly has her own private Facebook account.