Before becoming officially part of the British Royal Family as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle rose to fame and played a role for USA Network legal drama series, Suits. While she has a lot of supporters from both the public and the "showbiz" industry, reports revealed that there are also individuals who are not fans of her.

Several royal fans reportedly dislike the Duchess due to many reasons. But, the same was also said to be true for some celebrities. As stated, these popular personalities "hate" her.

According to Eternal Lifestyle, these celebrities mainly included Meghan Markle's former partners. Primarily, her former husband, Trevor Engelson, and her former boyfriend, Cory Vitiello.

Trevor Engelson is an American actor and producer. He and the now-Duchess of Sussex officially tied the knot in 2011. However, their marriage did not last long as they separated ways two years after.

Although her former husband did not share his side and thoughts about his relationship and marriage with Meghan, several royal experts and authors revealed that Trevor felt like he was "something stuck at the bottom of her shoe." It was also alleged that Meghan Markle just "mailed" back her wedding ring from Canada to Los Angeles.

On Cory Vitiello's side, the former couple reportedly dated for two years during her stay in Canada for Suits. But, it was stated that they separated just before Meghan dated Prince Harry.

Other allegations went on to contend that the Duchess' relationship with the two men even "overlapped." Although Cory seemed to have kept quiet about it, fans and supporters are reportedly certain that he "hates" her for it.

Women Tales also released a similar report revealing some of the famous celebrities who "hate" Meghan Markle. Television host, Wendy Williams was reportedly one of them as she repeatedly made "snarky" comments about the Duchess, especially after the latter announced her engagement to Prince Harry.

She was said to claim that the former actress was just "looking for a game to play." She also referred to the Duchess as a "random princess."

Erin Foster was also included in the list. It was said that she posted an Instagram story about her thoughts on Meghan.

In the picture, an old photo of the royal during her Deal or No Deal years was depicted with the words "Never Forget." She also went on to share another photo of Meghan Markle holding a briefcase from the same game show. The caption reportedly reads, "This briefcase is filled with my plans to be famous."