Princess Beatrice is the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. She is addressed as "Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York." Currently, she is the ninth person in line to the British Throne following his father at the eighth post.

As the eldest daughter of the Duke of York, many have wondered if she will inherit the dukedom after his father. However, reports noted that this will never happen.

According to Express UK, royal titles have "very complicated" old-aged rules and history. But, in the case of Princess Beatrice, she will not inherit her father's dukedom simply because "she is a woman."

As explained, British Monarch can only give dukedoms to male royals, especially once they get married. Accordingly, royal duchesses only inherit the title when they marry a royal duke.

Considering that Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson do not have a male child, the dukedom will, reportedly, "revert" to the British Monarch. It is only the head of the British Monarchy who can give and gift a dukedom to the descendants.

As for Princess Beatrice, she can only become a royal duchess if she marries a royal duke. The same is also true for Princess Eugenie, who is the youngest York Princess and currently the tenth person in line to the throne.

While the eldest York Princess will never inherit or become a royal duchess, the Daily Mail revealed that she will soon become a Countess. As it happens, her soon-to-be husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi is an Italian Count.

The report also shared that Edo's "pedigree" dates back to the early 10th century. So, aside from inheriting a set of "ancient Italian titles," Princess Beatrice will also, reportedly, inherit one of the family's "grandest villas" in Italy.

Edoardo Mappeli Mozzi's father, Count Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi, reportedly, revealed that the York Princess' wedding to his son will enable the British royal to "style" herself as an "Italian Contessa" and "Nobile Donna," which means "noble woman." Princess Beatrice's soon-to-be father-in-law explained these things after the couple announced their engagement in September last year.

The wedding of the couple was set to happen this month, on May 29. However, they have since cancelled the ceremony and reception due to the pandemic crisis that has infected thousands of people both in the United Kingdom and Italy.

To date, no confirmations have been made yet about the new details of the nuptials. Nevertheless, several sources asserted that Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are likely pushing through for the wedding to take place in 2021.