BTS has been in the industry for seven years, but RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have been training for years before their debut. The group was formed in 2010, which means that the boys have been working together for a decade.

And even before landing a spot as a BTS member, most of them were already performers. Take J-Hope as an example. Before becoming a member of the Big Hit Entertainment boy group, he was part of the underground dance team Neuron and was already a well-known dancer before his debut. That being said, J-Hope had dedicated most of his life to his passion.

While J-Hope found his purpose as a performer, the BTS rapper revealed that he is not as solid as Jung Hoseok. In Episode 5 of BTS’s new docuseries Break The Silence, the 26-year-old rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer shared the difference between J-Hope and Jung Hoseok.

“From performing on stage, I’ve come to know who I am and understand my existence,” J-Hope said. “But off the stage, I’d like to feel more comfortable and be free.”

J-Hope further explained that he has a persona that he wanted to show to everyone. But since he is mostly known as BTS’s J-Hope, it’s the part of him that is easier for him to share. But he then pointed out that he is not being fake when he’s J-Hope. He said that' he's not "wearing a mask," but he has to be "visibly“ become his performer self, which is J-Hope.

It is worth noting that J-Hope’s BT21 character is Mang, which is a horse wearing a mask. Nobody knows the true identity of Mang as he always wears a mask to hide who he really is.

Since the BTS boys created their own BT21 characters, the concept of J-Hope’s Mang is definitely not just a random thing. Now that the BTS rapper opened up about his two personas, the story of Mang is becoming clearer.

This is also not the first time that J-Hope talked about his true self and him being a member of BTS. His lyrics from his solo track “Ego” revealed a lot about his thoughts regarding his two identities.

In the end, J-Hope decided to merge both worlds. However, it seems that the BTS rapper is still finding a way to show Jung Hoseok more to everyone.