Jin’s incredible good looks make him go viral multiple times. The BTS star has a face that even Science agrees as the best sculpted in the world.

So when Jin gave himself a title of Worldwide Handsome, no one complained. Even his members, who see him almost every day, still keep on complimenting on how handsome Jin is.

But ARMYs know that Jin is also a funny guy, which makes him unique from the other visuals. While most celebrities who are known for their looks are always conscious about their appearance and people’s perception, the 27-year-old singer and songwriter is not afraid to make faces and be silly on camera. He said it himself that it makes him very happy when he makes other people laugh.

With this in mind, some may think that Jin is just saying things to make people laugh. So was he really serious when he called himself Worldwide Handsome?

Recently, Jin went logged in to Weverse and replied to an ARMY’s post. The fan wrote that the BTS star is so handsome and no one could ever beat his looks.

After reading this, Jin couldn’t contain himself and responded to the post — twice. “I always get shocked when I look in the mirror because of my handsome face,” the BTS star’s first comment read. He then added, “Of course, there are so many people out there that are more handsome than me. But to me, I am the most handsome in the world.”

With his gorgeous eyes, beautiful nose, plump lips, and flawless skin, it’s really hard to disagree with Jin. It’s no secret that Jin never lacked confidence when it comes to his looks. He may be not that confident with his dancing skills and even admitted that he’s afraid of J-Hope every time he makes a mistake, but when we're talking about visuals, Jin is the expert.

What made Jin likable despite constantly bragging about his looks is his charm. The BTS star has the charisma that even antis would find it hard to say anything bad about him.

Also, it is worth noting that Jin is just stating facts. For those who are not convinced that the “Epiphany” singer is ridiculously good looking, then they should see Jin’s trophy for having “beautifully balanced, symmetrical face and, distinctive plump lips.”

If that is not enough proof, then they should see Jin in person. Lucky ARMYs who have seen the boys face to face shared that Jin looks even more handsome up close.