Prince William is concerned about the longterm impact of being in lockdown on the children. The Duke of Cambridge said that he's worried about effects of being in isolation among the kids since the young ones cannot cope with the concept of social distancing. 

Speaking with mental health experts via Zoom call, Prince William said there will be longterm implications of children missing school, not seeing other family members and witnessing family members dying from COVID-19. The Duke of Cambridge acknowledged that everyone is "muddling through this period" to help each other but the impact of coronavirus will be more than just economic. 

The future king was speaking with experts from the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, who said that they noticed their referral rates have gone down amid the lockdown. However, psychiatrist Frances Doherty expressed hope that they will start seeing patients again as people are slowly getting back outside and resuming their usual activities due to relaxed coronavirus measures. 

Another social worker told Prince William that they have given children at care homes big teddy bears to hug as they cannot hug their carers. Prince William told Eimear Hanna that a hug is indeed very important, especially for the kids. 

Those in the virtual meeting discussed social distancing and Prince William said that young children don't understand why this is crucial today. Prince William praised the carers for making a difference in the lives of the children under their care, despite an unprecedented and scary time. 

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate spent a fun day with some elderly patients at care homes a day before he talked to the children's experts. In a very funny but relatable video posted on the Kensington Royal Instagram account, Prince William and Kate hosted a bingo social via Zoom. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge entertained the patients at the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff as a way to thank the carers of these elderly people. The video also brought out the funny side of the royal pair, who were clearly enjoying their time as well as bingo host.

At one point, one of the old patients said that the bingo social "could have gone better" because Prince William fumbled at calling the numbers quite a few times. The comment earned a laugh from the Duke of Cambridge but it was evident he and his wife loved their time with the elders.