Queen Elizabeth II is seemingly a very generous British Monarch. Although it is somehow expected of her to give gifts to her family members, especially on important events, like weddings, what she gave to Prince William and Kate Middleton is, reportedly, very expensive and lavish.

In 2011, after nearly a decade of dating, young Kate and William officially tied the knot at Westminster Abbey, with the blessing and approval of Queen Elizabeth II. There are over 2000 guests who attended the event, as per Good Housekeeping. It is said that aside from family members, nobles and dignitaries, the couple also, reportedly, shared the day with their celebrity friends, like Joss Stone, David Furnish, Sir Elton John, and David and Victoria Beckham.

Aside from gaining new family members and royal titles, the Cambridge couple, reportedly, received a "slew" of expensive wedding gifts. With the "enormous number" of guests, it is quite logical why the couple received such gifts.

Besides, the cost of the wedding alone is already staggering. As revealed, the whole royal event cost $34 million.

But, in terms of the gifts, some of the items, reportedly, included a pair of diamond drop earrings, a Land Rover, a priceless custom painting of the pair, and a tandem bicycle. Among all, it was Queen Elizabeth II's gift that stood out, as per Cheat Sheet.

The publication said that the British Monarch gave Prince William and Kate Middleton a royal real estate located in Sandringham Estate. This property is, reportedly, the popular Anmer Hall.

When Queen Elizabeth II gifted the property to the couple, it is said that the $2 million worth of renovations were immediately accomplished after the wedding. It, reportedly, has ten bedrooms, a tennis court, and a swimming pool. The property also features "acres of private land" which has become very ideal for "hiking" and "nature" sight-seeing.

Aside from the worth and lavishness of Anmer Hall, the property also has "sentimental value" to Prince William, as per claims. It is said that he and Prince Harry used to spend a lot of time there when they were kids. This is likely one of the reasons why the British Monarch gifted it to them upon marriage.

However, the Cambridge family does not reportedly reside in Anmer Hall. Even so, they spend time on the property during holidays and other occasions, as well. To date, though, the family of five is currently observing the lockdown measures inside Anmer Hall.