Donald Trump made a "controversial" post on Twitter last week and seemingly called the protestors "thugs" who are "dishonoring" George Floyd. He also said that the shooting will begin, "when the looting starts."

The post has remained accessible for public viewing despite the platform's notings that it glorifies violence. This is why it is not surprising why many individuals called him out for this, including celebrities, like Taylor Swift.

The Lover artist previously expressed her sentiments of being against Donald Trump. Although she has not largely focused on vocalizing her political stance, she recently called out the US President amid the apparent unrest in the United States following George Floyd's death.

Taylor said that Donald Trump has the "nerve" to "feign moral superiority" following her violent threats. She also went on to quote the politician's "tweet" before warning him that she and the rest of the public will "vote" him out in November.

The tweet has, reportedly, stirred argument on the platform. But, it became Taylor's "most liked tweet," according to Cheat Sheet. It now has over 2.2 million likes.

Many fans, especially "Swifties", seemingly agreed with the artists' stand on the matter. However, followers of the Trump administration also slammed Taylor Swift back.

As stated, many republicans said that the Cruel Summer singer is now "cancelled," and even asked her to "shut up." Several netizens also seemingly backed Donald Trump on the issue and told Taylor that he will win the presidential race this November.

Some also pointed out that the artist's post magnifies "ignorance" while Trump's was "honest." One even said that she should just "stick" to her music as she does not know anything.

Despite the huge backlash, sources told Us Weekly that Taylor Swift "felt" that it was just "necessary" to speak against and condemn Donald Trump. Even after knowing that discussing politics will most likely divide the fan base, the artist, reportedly, thinks that it is a must to express her "morals and values."

The source further went on to assert that Taylor knows that her voice is "powerful." So, she wanted to "use it for the greater good," the insider added.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, reportedly, made a move against social media platforms, including Twitter, as he signed an Executive Order to "defend free speech" in these platforms. He also, reportedly, deemed it "one of the gravest dangers." As stated, this came after some of the US President's tweets, containing his sentiments over several issues, were flagged by the platform.