Kate Middleton and Prince William have been staying inside Anmer Hall with their three kids. Amid the pandemic crisis, the Duke and Duchess previously revealed that they have been helping their kids with their studies.

With the United Kingdom's lockdown guidelines in place, schools have since resorted to virtual learning and homeschooling. But, on Monday, the government started to ease the restrictions. As reported, students from Years 1 and 6 are now asked to return to school.

Since the emergence of the news, several publications have centered the focus on Kate Middleton and Prince William because of Princess Charlotte. As explained, the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is on her Year 1 program at St Thomas's Battersea in London. Accordingly, many have wondered whether they will return to Kensington Palace and allow the young royal to join other students as they return to their respective schools.

In previous reports, several experts and analysts, like Russell Myers told on air that whatever the Duke and Duchess would decide by Monday, this would ultimately send a "message" not only to parents but, to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as well, according to the Daily Express. As pointed out, this would manifest whether Kate Middleton and Prince William are like any other parents who would remain afraid and worried over sending their kids back to school.

The royal editor also reportedly added that the rest of the public would certainly watch over the Cambridge couple's decision. "It will be very interesting," he noted.

Amid all the talks and discussions about the matter, reports said that no word has been heard yet from the Duke and Duchess, as well as from Kensington Palace. Almost a week has already passed but Kate Middleton and Prince William have remained silent whether they sent Princess Charlotte back to school, as per Hello! magazine.

Although there were speculations earlier that the Cambridge couple might remain in Anmer Hall and continue to homeschool their kids, there has been no confirmation about it. Nevertheless, the magazine said that it is not surprising why the family has declined to comment on family matters, such as this.

Aside from the possibility of avoiding further speculations about their decision, the publication said that Kate Middleton and Prince William have rarely shared things about their family, especially their three kids. While they may have shared a few things already about their family amid their stay in the Norfolk property, this does not reportedly change the fact that they have always maintained the family's privacy, particularly on matters involving their children.