In marking the emergence of the Pride month, Ivanka Trump shared a post on Twitter earlier this month to make her support known. As stated, she is "more active" than her father, Donald Trump, in terms of support for the LGBTQ+ community, according to Pink News.

The First Daughter seemingly urged everyone to manifest "less hate," and "more love." She then included "Pride2020" at the end of the post as her hashtag.

Aside from the four-word tweet, or five, including the hashtag, the President's daughter also included a minimalist photo that reads "love" with a plain black background. Also, the word "love" reportedly comes with rainbow-colored shadows.

While it is a clear show of support toward the community in celebration of the Pride month, the publication said that it has become "questionable" why the "heart" emojis only included the five colors of the six-striped colors popularly used for Pride. As stated, Ivanka Trump seemingly missed the blue-colored heart emoji.

The reports also asserted that this might not be the Trump family's favorite color as of the moment, which likely explains why the First Daughter did not include it in her post. But, aside from the observations made toward the colors and emojis, several reports said that this post, in general, caught a huge backlash from the netizens, even including members of the LGBTQ+ community.

In a similar narrative released by The AV Club news, the criticisms made toward Ivanka Trump are already "expected." The publication said that, "unfortunately" for the First Daughter, her support on social media was not "all that welcome."

As pointed out, several individuals called her out for the apparent "monstrous hypocrisy." These criticisms seemingly come after the unrest in the United States following George Floyd's death.

Some individuals said that [the Trumps] "gassed peaceful protestors" for the First Daughter's "photo op." So, it reportedly raises the question of "what love" she is referring to in her post.

Several members of the LGBTQ+ community also asserted that they "hate" Ivanka Trump and her father, with the latter's apparent lack of support toward the community. Accordingly, many netizens also voiced out their concerns over the unrest in the country through their comments on Ivanka's post.

While there have been tons of criticisms, there were also some individuals and members of the LGBTQ+ community who praised and commended the President's daughter for her support. Some even said that "more and more" LGBT Americans are supporting her and her father, with hashtags, "GaysForTrump."