Every corner of the world has its own cuisine, created out of its unique and wonderful culture. The Philippines has its Adobo, Spain has their Paella, France has their French Baguettes, Australia has their Chicken Parmigiana, and the list goes on. But did you know that among all those countries, Italy tops the list for having the best food across the globe?

Italy, famous for having such huge influence in the fields of fashion, architecture, art, design, and literature, is also the home to flavorful mouth-watering delicacies. Its cuisines are created with a wonderful and unique blend of one of a kind flavors.

Unfortunately, with how the coronavirus has affected the world at present, traveling to countries such as Italy is currently impossible. But this shouldn't be a hindrance to taste their masterpieces. There are some simple Italian recipes you can try at home. Here are some of those.


You can never go wrong with pasta when creating Italian dishes. So why not try to have Gnocchi for dinner spiced up with spinach and sausage, as shared by Real Simple.

To create this dish, what you will need is a 17.5-ounce package shelf-stable gnocchi, one onion (finely chopped), one tbsp. olive oil, a pound of Italian sausage, a clove of garlic (chopped), and one-fourth tsp. of salt. You will also be needing 15 ounces of fresh spinach, and pepper (quantity will depend on your taste), and three-fourth Parmesan cheese (grated).

The first thing to do is to cook the gnocchi as instructed on its packaging. Drain and rinse the pasta in cold water. Set aside the noodles and ¼ cup of the remaining pasta water.

After preparing the pasta, the second thing to do is to saute the onion, garlic, and sausage until well cooked. Next is to put in the spinach, pepper, salt, and keep tossing for about 3 minutes.

Fourth is to add the pasta, the remaining pasta liquid, and the Parmesan. Toss well.

As for its final touches, put your dish in a separate bowl and make it more beautiful by sprinkling the remaining Parmesan to it. Best serve with tea.

If you are still looking for other simple Italian dishes you can try for your family, Linguine with Tomato Sauce, Lemon Chicken Saltimbocca, Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce, Chicken Marsala, and Pasta e Fagioli are a must to try. You might also want to complete your special Italian dinner by serving sweet treats such as the Italian Anise Cookies, Tiramisu, Almond-Anise Biscottini, and Neapolitans, as advised by Woman's Day.