While some members of the British Royal Family have already conducted public engagements outside their royal residences, Queen Elizabeth II is still staying behind closed doors in her Berkshire property. It remains unknown until when she, alongside her husband, will continue self-isolating.

As the restrictions continue to ease in the United Kingdom, more and more British Royals are seen performing their duties and responsibilities outside. But, in the case of the British Monarch, she instead gave another "rare" address and sent her "warmest best wishes" to the British public, particularly to the "struggling businesses," according to The Telegraph.

Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly, spoke as the patron of the British Chambers of Commerce. As stated, she is sending not only her best wishes but, her "support," as well, to the business communities across the United Kingdom and the rest of the globe.

The British Monarch also praised the business community for its "generosity" and "civic response" amid the coronavirus crisis. Whether it may be in terms of supporting the "health sector" or the "vulnerable communities," it is "heartwarming," the Queen added.

The royal also shared how proud she has been for the "contribution" that the community has given in helping firms, championing trades, and rebuilding communities. In the end, Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly, said that she is wishing all businesses the success in their "endeavors" in the coming weeks and months ahead.

The rare address in support of local businesses comes after the reopening of all non-essential shops that have guaranteed its safety measures across the United Kingdom, according to the Daily Express. As reported, thousands of British shoppers rushed to the High Streets on Monday to shop. 

Following the reopening, the shops and business centers that have reopened must, reportedly, make sure that shoppers will have a two-meter distance between each. Also, an "increased level of hygiene" must be ensured by every shop and shopper. Reports also said that several stores have installed "plastic screens" and floor markings to guide shoppers.

This is, reportedly, a "big moment" for the United Kingdom as the COVID-19 alert level in the country has, reportedly, reduced from 4 to 3. Accordingly, there is no wonder why Queen Elizabeth II gave another public address recently.

Aside from the British Monarch, Prince Charles, who serves as the Heir Apparent, has also, reportedly, spoken about the business sector, and how the pandemic has caused challenges in it these past few months. As added, this is also one of the reasons why he set up a new initiative under his Trust, the "Get Hired Jobs Board," which will primarily help young individuals find the jobs that fit them best.