Queen Elizabeth II is, just like the rest of the world, staying indoors to observe social isolation. Since mid-March, the British Monarch has stayed inside Windsor Castle, alongside her husband, Prince Philip.

Considering that the royal couple belongs to the most "vulnerable" age group amid the pandemic crisis, it is not surprising why they have relocated to the Berkshire property to decrease the risk of contracting the virus.

Last month, reports emerged revealing that the Queen will remain in isolation "indefinitely." It will likely take months before she returns to her regular royal duties in Buckingham Palace.

Prior to the reports, the Palace, reportedly, released official statements announcing that almost all of her royal engagements have since either postponed or cancelled. These included the celebration of her official birthday, the Trooping The Colour.

But, earlier this month, new details have come forward that there would be a "mini" celebration to mark the day. On June 13, the first limited Trooping The Colour happened on the grounds of Windsor Castle, according to Harper's Bazaar.

On the day of the celebration, Queen Elizbeth II became the first British Royal to step out of her royal residence and make an appearance. This also, reportedly, became her first major public appearance since the lockdown started in the United Kingdom.

Trooping The Colour is a big royal event celebrated annually on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. It is a special celebration to mark the official birthday of the reigning British Monarch.

It is noted, however, that this is not the actual birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. As pointed out, her actual birthday is on April 21, which she celebrated privately with Prince Philip amid the coronavirus crisis. As for her official birthday, it is celebrated every second Saturday of the year.

All members of the British Royal Family normally attend the grand royal event. For this year, however, the Queen was the only British Royal to attend the ceremony in person, according to the Independent.

It is also reported that the members of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards were the ones who carried out the ceremony in honor of the British Monarch. They, reportedly, had only "two weeks" to prepare for the royal event against the usual months of preparations for the annual Trooping The Colour.

Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly, stepped out from isolation wearing a "bright blue ensemble" for her special day in Windsor Castle. As for Prince Philip, speculations have emerged that he likely watched the whole event from his window as he made no appearance during the ceremony.