As the fight against COVID-19 continues in the United States, Donald Trump just accomplished his first campaign rally ahead of the November election. Although it has since appeared to be a successful engagement in their camp, the criticisms have continued to develop these past few days.

Originally, Trump and his camp set the campaign rally in Tulsa on June 19. As stated, this is the same day Juneteeth is annually commemorated. This reportedly sparked the criticisms toward the US President.

Aside from doing the rally on the same day of the Juneteeth's celebration, concerns over the spiking COVID-19 cases in Tulsa also became a major point in most critic's contentions.

Following the public's uproar, Donald Trump and his camp reportedly moved the date the day after. Days prior, though, he was seeking to take credit for making Juneteeth "very famous," according to CNN.

In an interview inside the Oval Office, the incumbent President reportedly told The Washington Post that no one has ever heard of the Juneteeth celebration before "he brought it up." He then said that he made "something good," which is making the holiday popular in recent times.

As explained, Juneteenth is an annual celebration in the United States in commemoration of the "end of slavery," which happened on June 19, 1865. It is also said that the holiday is the country's "oldest regular" celebration in the US in this particular matter.

Amid the interview in his office, Donald Trump also reportedly shared that he "polled" several individuals around him. He revealed, however, that none of them had heard about Juneteeth.

Upon sharing this, reports said that he went on to ask one of the aides during the interview whether she knows what Juneteeth is. To his surprise, the aid reportedly pointed out that the White House issued an official statement last year in commemoration of the holiday.

The same publication noted that Trump did not seemingly know about it as he seemingly asked the aide about the statement previously released by the White House. He noted, however, that the effort was "good."

After seeking to take credit for the whole matter, several personalities from various industries reportedly slammed Donald Trump for it. One of them reportedly includes George Clooney, according to People. As reported, the Batman actor sarcastically told the publication that he and his family are donating to charity in honor of Trump for making Juneteenth "famous."