Melania Trump and Donald Trump's relationship has attracted intense scrutiny since the latter's emergence to politics. In their 15 years of marriage, they have already faced numerous accounts of cheating allegations and all other kinds of speculations.

But, despite the unpleasant rumors and headlines, several sources reportedly asserted that the now-First Couple has a very close and "romantic" relationship. While this is not apparent to the public, this is reportedly the truth, which only happens behind closed doors when they are alone together. They are pretty "in love" with each other, some sources reportedly attested.

Amid the given spotlight to their relationship, it has become quite challenging to learn what are the truths and fictions. Nevertheless, some publications released a list of shocking facts, which are reportedly based on reputable sources close to the situation.

Donald Trump deems his marriage to Melania Trump as his "most successful," according to Business Insider. Given that they just recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, it is not surprising why he sees it this way. As it happened, both of his previous marriages did not work out, which all ended in divorces.

The US President reportedly gives credit to his wife for this. As reported, he previously said that Melania had "something to do" with it. 

It is then claimed that the First Lady is not a "nagging wife." Reports also went on to share that they are fine and "content" with giving each other "space."

Prior to their marriage, however, Melania Trump and Donald Trump once broke up. The same publication said that this happened when the now-American leader ran for President as a Reform Party candidate in 2000.

Following the split with his then-girlfriend, he reportedly praised her on record stating that she is "amazing" and "terrific." Trump then also revealed that "she will be missed." A few months later, though, they reunited and ended up marrying each other in 2005.

Cheat Sheet also released a list of "facts" and "secrets" about the First Couple's marriage. It is said that in their relationship, Melania may have avoided the nagging but, Donald reportedly "demands" praise from his wife constantly.

In a book authored by Michael D'Antonio titled, The Truth About Trump, he reportedly revealed that he noticed a "troubling" detail about the First Couple's relationship. He then went on to share that when he met them, Donald Trump asked Melania Trump to tell him that he is a "really good husband." After asking his wife twice, the former model reportedly told the author that her husband was "great."