Meghan Markle, reportedly, got in touch with Althea Bernstein, the 18-year-old biracial women who was attacked by four men in Wisconsin in what was believed to be a hate crime.

According to reports, the Duchess of Sussex spoke with Althea for 40 minutes and connected so much that Bernstein was apparently in tears during their conversation. Michael Johnson, who has been helping out Bernstein through the Boys & Girls Club of Dane Country, said that Bernstein has been struggling from her experience and the call from Meghan helped lift her spirits.

Meghan advised the 18-year-old about allowing herself to heal and not forgetting about self-care. She told the victim to avoid social media for a brief period so she can focus on her wellbeing.

The Duchess of Sussex and Bernstein also bonded because of the fact that they are both biracial. Prince Harry was also able to talk to the victim for at least 10 minutes, according to Harper's Bazaar

Bernstein was, reportedly, doused with liquid for no reason by four men who then lit a flamed lighter on her. The incident led to Bernstein suffering from third degree burns and she's now recovering from the hospital. 

She vividly recalled that the men who attacked her were saying racial slurs, thus the police are investigating her case as a hate crime. Bernstein might need plastic surgery for her face and neck eventually due to the severe burns. 

It comes as Meghan and Prince Harry backed the campaign asking companies not to buy advertisements on Facebook until the social media platform moderates their content for hate speech and misinformation. A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that they couple are keen on this advocacy to show solidarity with civil rights and racial justice groups, amid the various protests around the country regarding racism. 

The NAACP confirmed that Meghan and Prince Harry are quietly supporting #StopHateForProfit on Facebook. Allegedly, since the launch of the campaign, the social media platform lost about 8% of its advertising sales overnight. 

In February, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also spoke with experts from Stanford University about how tech companies can help with this growing problem of hate and fear, especially in social media. Meghan and Prince Harry apparently want to include this advocacy when they launch Archewell, their new foundation to replace the Sussex Royal Foundation, by late 2020 or early 2021.