WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for The Bold Type season 4 episode 14. Read at your own risk.

The Bold Type season 4 episode 14 is arriving this week on Freeform, with the title "The Truth Will Set You Free." We're going to see some big moments within this episode, with Kat's podcast being one of the best examples.

In The Bold Type season 4 episode 14, Kat tries to move forward at work with a podcast. However, her first episode comes with a price. While she could say almost everything that's in her heart, some consequences come with that.

Kat's podcast could put her in a position where she never anticipates. It could also send her into a different direction, wherein she'll be facing a complicated situation. But aside from this, there are also struggles coming for other characters.

For instance, The Bold Type season 4 episode 14 sees Jane not comfortable with her body. The good thing is that, a visit from her father likely changes her outlook. As for Sutton and Richard, there are making plans for the future.

Meanwhile, there are only a few more episodes before the season finale, so prepare for more stories coming ahead. It was confirmed that episode 16, titled "Not Far From The Tree," will be the season finale of the Freeform series.

This wasn't meant to be the final episode of the season, but production was halted due to the global health crisis halted. Originally, the fourth installment was meant to have a total of 18 episodes, but that wasn't followed because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

There are no ways to film the remaining two episodes at the moment. Perhaps, the stories here might be incorporated in the fifth installment. But then, it should be noted that nothing is confirmed as of yet as Freeform hasn't officially renewed the series.

And since the season finale wasn't the original one, there may not be huge cliffhangers here. But it seems like there'll be huge developments for most of the characters. Kat, in particular, will have a new romance. Jane will also have a big boost in her career.

When it comes to the ratings, CarterMatt noted the future of the show is still subject to a lot of speculations. Reportedly, the past episode generated about 180,000 live viewers, which is a slight tick compared to the previous week.

The Bold Type season 4 episode 14 airs on Thursday night, July 2, on Freeform.