SEAL Team season 4 is officially happening on CBS, but nothing is confirmed when it comes to its official arrival. Some speculated it may arrive in the fall, but because of the current global health crisis, there are a lot of uncertainties. There could be a potential delay if the situation wouldn't get better soon.

But despite the uncertainties, lead star David Boreanaz wants to go back to work to start filming SEAL Team season 4. In a video interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor talked about the future of the series, particularly the filming status.

Boreanaz revealed they're hoping to restart filming in August, though everything still depends on the real-life health crisis. And there's also a concern with the current state of Los Angeles, so the filming start date is still a bit uncertain.

The good news is that the writers' room is officially open. Earlier this month, it was confirmed via Twitter that the writers' room kicked off virtually. So while there's a question when it comes to production, creators and producers want to get the stories together in advance.

Right now, the health and safety of everyone are the top priorities. Cast and crew could go back filming again when the situation gets a little bit better. Fans need to wait for now with the official arrival, which is hopefully coming out at some point in 2020.

Meanwhile, when SEAL Team season 4 premieres, it may probably feature some of the stories they have already set up. The remaining episodes that weren't aired in the previous installment might be included here before it opens new stories moving forward.

For Jason and Mandy, a lot of stories are coming for them in SEAL Team season 4. The previous installment delivered an unexpected twist for both of them. Within the episode, we saw Jason kissing Mandy -- which hints that there's more to them.

There are already previous speculations about them and it's clear there's a romance building up. Speaking to TVLine, Boreanaz teased that people will be very surprised by what will happen in the next episode, which serves as the premiere of the fourth installment.

The original season 3 finale will be incorporated in the new season and could further explore Jason and Mandy's storyline. There's already a plan for both of them and their relationship might changes as the series progresses.

There are previous hints that Jason and Mandy have been somewhat involved in the past. The two also have a strong connection and understand each other. This is something that might be addressed in the upcoming SEAL Team season 4.