Several months have already passed since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially left the Royal Fold. After announcing their decision to quit the royal life, the transitions and deals of their Megxit immediately began following the Sandringham Summit.

On March 31, they officially left and have since relocated to the Duchess' hometown. While they are now, reportedly, living a much more peaceful and private life in the United States, speculations and allegations about their exit have continued to develop. As stated, the Duke of Sussex was not able to live out his "royal dream" because of his brother, Prince William, according to the Daily Express.

Before officially ceasing the usage of their HRH styles, the talks about the Megxit deals happened in Sandringham. Alongside the senior royals, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William, Prince Harry, reportedly, contended his and his wife's plans for their imminent exit.

Royal experts, reportedly, claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had other plans for their exit. One of these included the royal-born Prince's "royal dream."

This "dream" would, reportedly, center on their desires to continue carrying out a few royal duties while they pursue other "commercial careers" outside the British Monarchy. As explained, he, alongside his wife, wanted to have a "half in half out" status within the Royal Family.

However, amid the Megxit talks, Prince William knew that the plan "would never work," royal expert Richard Kay said. It is then added that the Duke of Cambridge told his brother that they are either "in or out."

Another royal expert, Anna Pasternak, reportedly, echoed the same views. She said that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the "decision," the Royal Family are "desperately sad" about it. But, in the end, they are "out," she added.

Although many royal authors and experts, reportedly, agreed to this, royal correspondent Rebecca English has other takes on the matter, as per the same publication. As stated, she is not "sure" that Prince William had a choice. In the future, he will be the King of the United Kingdom, even at the "expense" of his relationships, especially to his brother, Prince Harry.

Since Megxit, it remains unclear whether the royal siblings have already reconnected or not. Even so, rumors of rifts and feuds between the two royal-born Princes have continued to emerge in recent months.

Despite these things, though, the British Royals have remained silent about such matters. Instead, they are placing their focus on their respective duties and efforts for the public.