Ivanka Trump is receiving a lot of criticisms, yet again, on social media. Following her appearance on the White House's video ad for explaining the new order concerning the nation's new hiring policies, netizens have started to call her out for it. As stated, the irony is quite apparent because she is the one delivering the message before the public.

On Friday, the First Daughter was "alongside" her father, Donald Trump when he signed an Executive Order containing the new directives about the federal governments' policies on hiring employees, according to the Daily Mail. As explained, Ivanka Trump is the co-chair of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, who has worked on job training improvements across the country. Hence, it makes total sense why her presence is apparent during the signing day.

The new order is directing the country's "biggest employer," the federal government, to prioritize the skills of the applicants rather than their college degrees. It is said that the federal government has over 2.1 million workers, and this does not even include workers and employees from the postal service.

Following the US President's signature, the White House released a video ad informing the public about the new Executive Order, featuring the "skill-based hiring" directives. In it, Ivanka Trump is the one delivering the message.

While this is a new great effort from the administration, the ad featuring the First Daughter was, reportedly, met with tons of criticisms from the public. As pointed out, netizens have slammed her on social media in response to the White House's video ad, according to HuffPost.

The reports said that many netizens found the video too "ironic" because of Ivanka's presence. The reason being is that they deem the First Daughter and her husband, Jared Kushner "unfit" for their roles inside the White House.

Many have, reportedly, pointed out that they would not get their positions if it was not for their ties to the US President. This is also the reason why several individuals called her out for "nepotism," hence, the hashtag, "Nepotism Barbie."

Some people voiced out that it seems inappropriate for Ivanka Trump to deliver the message as she is not the best fit to speak on matters like this, particularly on the skill-based hiring subject. Others then made "snarky" comments and rhetorical questions whether she would not step down to give her post to the appropriate and skilled person for the job.

Despite the continued to "snark" on social media, the White House, as well as the First Daughter, has, reportedly, remained silent about the uproar.