Donald Trump and Melania Trump's life has changed since they entered the White House. Aside from having new roles as the United States President and First Lady of the country, almost every aspect of their lives has since changed.

With their new roles, their safety and security have always been a priority. Therefore, it makes total sense why they are always guarded by a security detail inside and outside the White House.

Aside from the detail, another way to further decrease the risks of accidents and incidents, the Secret Service has reportedly created code names for the First Family. It is pointed out, though, that every First Family since President Harry Truman, have received "secret" code names.

In previous times, reports said that these names were kept as a secret from the public. Only the members of their security details and some White House staff were the ones who know about the actual code names.

This has changed, however, over the years. As stated, the strict policy over the secret code names has since eased, according to Cheat Sheet.

The incumbent US President, Donald Trump reportedly received his code name upon entering the White House. As revealed, the Secret Service uses "Mogul" as his code name.

Reports then explained that the code names of the rest of the First Family always follow the same first letter as what the US President has. So, in the case of the Trump family, all of their Secret Service code names start with the letter "M."

Melania Trump's code name is revealed as "Muse." It reportedly makes sense given that he is the wife, the First Lady of the incumbent President.

Aside from her, Donald Trump's children also have their respective code names. For the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, the Secret Service reportedly utilizes "Marvel" as her code name.

For Don Jr and Eric Trump, they are reportedly given the code names of "Mountaineer" and "Marksman." Another member of the First Family who has a code name from the Secret Service is Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner. As revealed, his nickname is "Mechanic."

In the case of Donald Trump's two other children, Tiffany and Barron, their code names have remained undisclosed before the public, as per Quartz. But, sources reportedly said that they have their own, too.

As for the way how the Secret Service comes up with the code namesBustle claimed that the names all make sense since they are literally a clear description of the person, who has the nickname.