Melania Trump has become the face of many headlines these days following the release of the new unofficial biography written about her by Mary Jordan. Since the pre-release of the book titled, The Art of Her Deal, she, alongside Ivanka Trump, has faced more scrutiny due to the shocking claims.

Some of the claims made in the book included the statements shared by the First Family's two former housekeepers in the National Golf Club in Bedminster. The housekeepers are named Sandra Diaz and Victorina Morales, as reiterated by The Mercury News.

Morales reportedly worked for Donald and Melania Trump from 2013 to 2018 as she replaced Diaz, who served the Trumps from 2010 to 2013. Based on their assertions, they gave several details on how the First Couple normally spends their Bedminster trips, which typically last for a month or two.

It is said that Victorina Morales described the couple's relationship as "strange." She then reportedly revealed that they were never "like a normal family." Although they spend time in the same place, "they don't interact," she added.

The former housekeeper reportedly continued to share that Donald Trump's bedroom in the mansion was on the second floor. As for Melania Trump and their son, Barron, each of them reportedly had "suites" on the second floor. However, the couple never shared beds or rooms, as per claims.

It is also said that the then billionaire mogul would spend most of his day out "golfing." After eating lunch and dinner at the clubhouse, he "might" join Melania and Barron in their residence.

If he did, Trump would reportedly stay on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. Meanwhile, Melania Trump would put her focus on her computer as Barron would continue watching the television or playing games.

Both of the former housekeepers reportedly confirmed that the now-First Lady had a lot of "strict demands." As explained, Morales said that Melania always enjoys "regular massages." So, the massage room in her suite was always prepared for her with "candles" and "nature sounds."

On Sandra Diaz's end, she reportedly revealed that Melania Trump "rarely" had visitors or friends in the mansion. She also said that the former model spent most of her days using her computer inside her suite. But, if not, she would spend her time with Barron or her parents when they are in, as well.

Diaz also noted that Melania always wanted to have "white" and "pink" roses, especially on her table. She also reportedly asserted that the maids were advised to leave "vacuum tracks" on her white carpet.