Content creators have spoken and they have chosen BTS V as their favorite idol and aptly dubbed him the King of YouTube.

According to a report by All Kpop, Polinews Korea recently conducted a poll among YouTube content creators and the majority have chosen V as their idol of choice when making videos for their audience.The vloggers said that they often used V's image in the thumbnail of their videos to draw in more engagement from their audience.

Audiences have proven that they are inclined to click on videos that feature V because of his strong visuals. He is even known in the industry as the Visual Representative of Korea. Because of this, content creators said that when they use  V in the thumbnail, the number of views soar.

V has previously been dubbed as the Fancam King of YouTube by fans after his solo fancams posted the most number of views on the platform.Among the idols, V holds the record of having the most-watched and most liked fancams.

Recently, Kim Taehyung's Boy with Luv fancam was able to net 120 million views, making it the most-watched fancam in the history of the streaming platform.V also has five other fancams that have broken the 10 million views mark. This includes V's fancam for BTS' performance of ON on MCountdown. V's performances for DNA, Airplane, PT2 from MCountdown also ranked among the most viewed on the site, All Kpop reported.

Also making to the list of V's most popular fancams is his popular Mic Drop performance in the fan site PIERCE, which is normally devoted to girl group videos.

The five videos managed to amass a total of 178 million views on YouTube. Another recent addition to the 10 million views circle is V's performance of Pied Piper during the 5th Muster Magic Shop in Seoul in 2019. The video now has 10.4 million views.

Twelve of YouTube's 100 most popular dance videos also belong to BTS' V.  Professional dancers were not surprised by the development because they said that when it comes to dancing and performing, Kim Taehyung has his unique style and aura of projecting his body.They praised the idol for his command and speed, as well as his charisma.

One of the reasons that fans find V's performances engaging is his facial expressions and his ability to emote along with the song. He is also considered by junior idols as a model as they admitted that they often watch his fancams to get pointers.