Manchester United has plans of acquiring Jadon Sancho but their financial situation is standing in the way. Most clubs are dealing with the financial strain brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning lavish spending may not be ideal for most teams. The Red Devils are not spared from that reality.

To acquire Sancho, United needs to fork out roughly $141 million to Borussia Dortmund to get hold of the 20-year-old winger. Those plans remain up in the air with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitting he has no idea how much budget will be given to him come to the next transfer window. The Red Devils have slowed down a bit in their targets, something most perceive as a way to save up for the summer. Aside from that, Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward had reportedly taken out a loan to add to the club's cash reserves, backing up the belief that United is preparing for a big splash after the current season.

However, it appears the United is backpedaling a bit with Woodward warning that they should spend wisely. Further, he hints that no big spending will happen this summer. This could be the case moving forward until things get back to normal. Hence, United may hold off plans of getting Sancho until next summer. The English winger has two years left in his current deal with Borussia.

Given that scenario, Solskjaer may want to explore other options. One name that has been suggested is Leroy Sane of Manchester City. The 24-year-old was offered a contract extension but it appears Sane is not interested. Bayern Munich has been heavily linked to the German footballer. The asking price by the Sky Blues for Sane is $80 million.

Speaking to Stadium Astro, the former United player Dwight Yorke, Solskjaer may want to consider Sane as an alternative if the Sancho pursuit fails to materialize. Despite the injuries that Sane has dealt with Yorke believes he is worth the risk.

"I know he’s got some injuries but if I was brave, if I was Man United manager at this point that’s the type of person I would go for," Yorke said.

Pursuing Sane costs a whole lot less and could make sense for Solskjaer. The only thing standing in the way is Bayern which seems to be the next club Sane will be suiting up for. United could try to sit down and talk with the Sane camp and see if they can pull off something. If not, at least they tried.