Donald Trump and Melania Trump's marriage has faced several speculations and allegations over the years. Despite this, however, the now-First Couple has seemingly maintained a good relationship.

Earlier this year, they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. Reports said that the US President thinks of his current marriage as his best among all. He also, reportedly, credits his wife for the success of it.

While their relationship has continued to intrigue several individuals, considering their current positions in the United States, Cheat Sheet said that not many people know the story behind their first meeting. Because of this, the publication shared what truly happened on the day when Donald Trump and Melania Trump first met.

In 1998, the then-billionaire mogul attended a party in New York. Sources said that he came with a date, Celina Midelfart, which the First Lady also, reportedly, acknowledged in previous interviews.

At the party, the former model, then-Melania Knauss, was also present. This was where they first met, as per claims.

Sources then, reportedly, asserted that Melania is the now-US President's type. As explained, he has a "thing" for models, which made total sense since his former wives, Ivana Trump and Marla Maples were also models back then.

Donald Trump, reportedly, approached Melania when he saw her. He asked for her number. However, the now-First Lady said that he is not "one of his ladies" given that Donald was known to have a lot of women. So, she, reportedly, refused, and instead, asked for his number.

Biography reveals that Melania Trump was "charmed." But, she was not "starstruck." She also, reportedly, stated that her now-husband noticed it. So, instead of giving him one of his contact numbers, he gave all of his numbers including the ones in his office, in Mar-a-Lago, in his New York home, and other contact numbers that he had. "Everything," Melania, reportedly, recalled.

Sources then said that Donald Trump waited for her to call him. But, she, reportedly, kept him waiting for a week. After calling, though, they decided to go out on their first date, which took place at the Greenwich Village nightclub, Moomba.

The romance between the two immediately "blossomed." However, they broke up several times, as per the reports. When they last got back together in 2004, Donald Trump then, reportedly, proposed to her.

A year after, they officially tied the knot. They now share one son, Barron Trump, who was born a year after their wedding.