Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are now living in the United States, far away from the usual royal spotlight. But, despite this, they are still being plagued with several reports and allegations.

Following the excerpts from the upcoming book titled, Royal At War, several new details about their royal life, including the alleged rift between the Sussex and Cambridge couples, have since emerged. Aside from the details about their exit, which became official back in March, there are also new claims about the Duke and Duchess' pregnancy.

As stated, their announcement in 2018 "sparked" anger and outrage among members of the British Royal Family, according to Cheat Sheet.

In the new book authored by Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard, they claimed that Meghan Markle "hijacked" Princess Eugenie's wedding by announcing her pregnancy. The authors, reportedly, went on to assert that the former actress "put her foot" in it as she thought it would be the "ideal" time to make her pregnancy known.

It was a "huge social gaffe," the authors said. They also shared that they, particularly, Meghan, stole the "limelight" from the youngest York Princess, who was, reportedly, "furious." Alongside Princess Eugenie, her mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, was also, reportedly, angry with what happened.

While royals fans, as well as some publications, have continued to blame Meghan Markle for it, even today, several reports said that these claims were already "countered" by Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace.

As reported, sources attested that, prior to the Sussex couple's pregnancy announcement, all essential members of the British Royal Family already knew about it, including Queen Elizabeth II and even the Princess of York, herself. Nevertheless, this did not stop many royal authors and fans to get mad with Meghan Markle for announcing it days close to York's royal wedding.

Alongside the allegations over the Sussex couple's pregnancy announcement, there are also other shocking claims about the Duchess of Sussex in the book, according to the Daily Express. In her previous interviews, Meghan Markle, reportedly, shared her "eagerness" to become a mother.

However, sources, reportedly, shared in the upcoming book that the Duchess of Sussex was only "ensuring" her ties with the British Royal Family through her pregnancy with Archie Harrison. Accordingly, having a royal-born child, reportedly, makes her connection to the British Royals "irrevocable." This cedes "more power" to Meghan, the source added.

Royals At War is set for a July 15 release.