For centuries, dogs have always been man's best friend. These creatures are not just all cuteness and fluffiness, but their heart is also full of passion to share their unconditional love and sweetness to everyone who would are willing to love them back. 

Canines are known for a very powerful sense of smell. While humans only have around six million olfactory receptors in the nose, dogs have about 300 million of those, making their noses one of the strongest smell detectors in the world, as reported by PBS.

Amid the dramatic rise of the number of people getting infected with the coronavirus, experts found a way to maximize and use this gift to control and eventually eliminate COVID-19 for good. This was after researchers from the national veterinary school in Alfort were able to train eight Belgian Malinois to identify COVID-19 from infected people through their sweat samples.

During the training, the dogs were exposed to seven different jars. Only one of them containing sweat from a COVID positive. The researchers then let the dogs sniff every sample through inserted funnels.

In a post shared by Good News Networkthe results of the study revealed how the dogs were able to detect coronavirus through random sweat samples with a staggering 95% accuracy. Among the eight dogs that were trained, four of them were successful in determining the sample that was infected with COVID-19 without any mistake. 

A lot of countries that can contain and eliminate the COVID-19 virus out of their premises have implemented strict measures to reach their goal. One of the most effective ways they did is widespread testing of those who are more prone of being infected by the virus such as the people who have direct contact to those who were tested positive, those who are working in the medical field, and those who are suffering from underlying health issues.

The dogs were able to detect coronavirus at a very high accuracy rate. Experts say this training could be a breakthrough, which could help the world contain the coronavirus big time. Detecting COVID-19 can be very costly, hard, and oftentimes the kits are not easy to access. So, the possibility of using our dog's ability to detect coronavirus in the future is no doubt can be of great help to everyone. 

For years, canines have helped humans with their medical diagnoses with the use of their powerful sense of smell. Aside from detecting the coronavirus, dogs were also recorded to detect cancer in the past. This was backed up by over 2,000 modern scientific studies.