It seems even the academic community of Harvard University want to figure out the secret behind the global success of Kpop superstars BTS. Researchers recently conducted a study on the business model used by Big Hit Entertainment to bring Kpop to global attention.

According to the abstract found on Harvard University's website, researchers Anita Elberse and Lizzy Woodham sought to unravel the mystery behind the unparalleled success of Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si Hyuk in creating a global phenomenon that surpasses any achievements of Kpop's Big Three - YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment.

The study also sought to understand how BTS was able to erase previously negative notions about the Kpop industry such as "slave contracts", limited profit sharing and control over artists music.

After analyzing the model used by Big Hit Entertainment on BTS, the study also weighed on the probability of the label using the same tool for their other artists and finding a similar level of success as BTS.

The Harvard study also sought to understand the implications of BTS' achievements on the future of Kpop and how companies will manage their artists in the future.

According to a report by All Kpop, the 22-page study focused on Big Hit Entertainment's methods of creating a Kpop superstar.The study later laid the groundwork to establish the label's training system and bold investment decision making process to market and develop their artists.

The research revealed that much of the success of the BTS model was CEO Bang SI Hyuk's commitment to find efficiencies of the system and balancing them with his artists' individuality.

The topic was so fascinating that the BTS case study will reportedly be used as part of the course material for next year's Harvard Business School.

While they are the shining subjects of academic research overseas, BTS members are not slacking off when it comes to higher learning as well.

It was recently reported that six of BTS' seven members are currently enrolled for an MBA course in Media and Advertising at Hanyang Cyber University.

Jin was reportedly the first member to enroll for graduate school in 2017, followed by RM, J-Hope and Suga a year later. Jimin and V are set to start on the same course this September.

While maknae Jungkook may want to follow in the footsteps of his hyungs when it comes to graduate studies, he would need to complete his undergraduate degree at Global Cyber University first.