A new survey about "Resident Evil Village" suggests a possible digital-only option of Xbox Series X rumored as Xbox Lockhart or Xbox Series S. For several months the industry has been bombarded by leaks highlighting the possibility of a much-affordable but less powerful version of Xbox Series X. With Sony unveiling the PS5 Digital Edition, it looks like Microsoft also has a device to match its rival's offer.

Capcom is poised to release "Resident Evil Village" in 2021. While the Japanese gaming studio already launched the game, gamers still do not know a lot about the game. Traditionally, gaming studios like Capcom conduct a survey to measure gamers' interest in their upcoming releases.

Recently, Capcom launched a survey with a bunch of questions related to "Resident Evil Village." One of the questions raised on the questionnaire wants to know which next-generation gaming console players would purchase "Resident Evil Village." It was announced earlier that the eighth installment to the popular "Resident Evil" series would release on PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, and Xbox Series X.

Interestingly, the questionnaire bears a fourth option, which is Xbox Series X Digital Only Console. This is interesting considering that Microsoft has only launched the Xbox Series X. It has not yet announced or confirmed the rumors that the premium gaming console has a digital-only counterpart rumored to be called Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart.

Since the survey offers the fourth next-gen gaming console option, it somehow adds credence to rumors that Microsoft has another version of Xbox Series X. Whispers online earlier claimed that Microsoft is planning to unveil the Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart sometime in August. Others believe that it might launch the more affordable but less powerful console at the Xbox game Showcase happening on Jul 23, 2020.

Whatever Capcom is referring to in the survey is anybody's guess at this point. Microsoft continued to stay mum despite the plethora of leaks and rumors highlighting the Xbox Series X's digital-only version. Meanwhile, Capcom said that fans of "Resident Evil Village" would hear more about the game this summer.

Following its official announcement at the PS5 digital event, fans learned from leaks that "Resident Evil Village" would give a lot of its side characters or NPCs an important role. An industry insider also revealed that the upcoming title would be two to three hours longer than "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard." Because of lack of official confirmation from Microsoft, it is safer to take this latest information about the digital-only version of the Xbox Series X with skepticism.