Waking up every day in a very stressful life filled with diseases, pain, death, fear, anxiety, and depression, every one of us deserves a huge break after all these have come to pass. One of the best ways to do that is by going on a vacation to places that are filled with only good and relaxing vibes.

There are a lot of places that you can discover all around the world that showcases beauty, awe, and nature. But not all can make you feel relaxed, where you can find peace once again. To give you an idea of where to go for your next bucket list, which offers such, here are some of those places.


Despite having such very strong currents, making it unsafe for swimmers and divers, this haven located in the north shores of Kauai in Hawaii, is still the first choice for those who want to let go of their pain and loneliness. The picturesque view of Lumaha'i Beach is made complete by its long stretch of white sand, as revealed by Kauai.

Walk along the shores of its beauty. Feel its fine sand on your feet. Enjoy its breathtaking scenery.


One of the best ways to release stress is to do a bit of exercise. Visiting Rio Celeste Falls in Costa Rica after this pandemic will surely help you let loose and be hyped up again. 

To visit the enchanting falls, you need to endure a muddy 3.7-mile hike for 5 hours. There you will have the opportunity to be one with nature. You will be able to breathe and let out the negativity you have inside you.

As you finish the trail, you will be in awe of the Blue Lagoon that is awaiting you. The fairy tale magic vibe from the place will surely make every pain and fatigue you experienced worth it.


The stretch coastline featuring different shades of blue, the wonders of the world's biggest glacier, and the color contrast of greens of towering mountains are what makes Norway's Nordfjord the third on our list. This haven is the best view that Norway has, a promising place for those who experienced a broken heart, depression, and mental breakdown.

Witnessing such beauty is already a blessing. But other than just being in awe of this creation, this place is also best for those who love to swim, dive, boat, canoe, and kayak, as revealed by Fjord Norway