Outlander fans could have a taste of what Caitriona Balfe will offer, not as an actress, but as a director. Balfe hinted that she could possibly direct an episode of Outlander Season 6 if given a chance. 

In a recent episode of the Outcasts podcast, Balfe, who portrays the role of Claire Fraser, told her co-stars David Berry (Lord John Grey) and Tim Downie (Governor Tryon) that she is eager to direct an episode of the Starz hit series. That is, of course, if she will be given an opportunity to do so.

The Ford vs Ferrari actress admitted that this is something that she has been trying to prepare to do for quite some time now. However, she also understands that directing is not something that anyone can do anytime they wish to. 

Balfe chose to direct for Outlander because she is already comfortable working with the cast and crew of the show. She added that she is already familiar with how the Outlander directors work and how the production is being handled. 

Balfe, along with her on-screen husband, Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), play the main characters of the series since it started in 2014. But, in Season 5, they were promoted to producers. 

This means they were more involved in the creative process of the show and they could get their hands on the scripts before anyone else in the cast. It was, also, reported that the two were also given more control about their respective characters. 

Caitriona Balfe earlier talked about being a producer of Outlander. She told Parade that she learned a lot of things being a producer and she is eager to learn more. The model-turned-actress added that she is also willing to expand her responsibilities in the upcoming seasons. 

So far, there is no confirmation if Balfe will be directing an episode in the upcoming season of time-travel/historical drama. If ever that she will be given the green light, it is most likely in Season 6 as Outlander hasn't been renewed beyond that. 

Meanwhile, Balfe and the rest of the cast of the series are expected to start filming the sixth installment in fall. The production of Outlander Season 6 was, originally, set to kick off in May. It was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

This delay means the release of the sixth installment has been pushed back as well. If the fall filming will push through, Outlander Season 6 is most likely to premiere in fall 2021.