Meghan Markle sued British publisher Associated Newspapers over five articles published in the Mail on Sunday and three on the MailOnline in February 2019. The British tabloid published the Duchess of Sussex’s 2018 letter to her estranged father, which she claimed is a privacy breach.

Unfortunately for Meghan Markle, she lost her first High Court Battle against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday. The Duchess of Sussex, then, agreed to pay £67,888 in legal costs.

“[The High Court was told that] following written submissions by both parties, on July 22 2020 the claimant agreed to pay the defendant's costs in full (£67,888),” the legal documents, released on Wednesday, revealed.

If Meghan Markle’s own legal costs will be added up, the hearing is likely to have cost her at least £100,000. If the full trial will be pushed through next year, it is expected that the costs will spiral into the millions.

Meanwhile, it is believed that Meghan Markle has not spoken directly to Thomas Markle Sr. since May 2018. But, since they are related by blood, many are still hoping for the father-daughter duo to reconcile.

However, a royal expert previously said that Meghan Markle and her father fixing their relationship is far from happening. Leslie Carroll claimed that Thomas Markle broke his daughter’s trust after he leaked private letters to the media, which led to her ongoing lawsuit.

As if that’s not enough, Thomas Markle, previously, shared his two cents regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal exit, and he’s not on his daughter’s side at all. He said that he’s embarrassed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ditched their roles as senior royals. He also added that the former actress “cheapened” the royal family.

Following his father’s footsteps, Thomas Markle Jr. decided to launch a brutal assessment on Meghan Markle. This time, however, he focused on his sister’s acting skills, saying that “she’s not an A-list actress. She was a character in a series on cable.”

Thomas Markle Jr. believes that the reason behind Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quitting Royal life is to give way to what his sister really wanted, which is to go back to Hollywood. When asked if who was the brain behind all this, he gave a very obvious hint — someone who joins the Royal Family and “turns things upside down.”