In the line of succession, Prince Charles and Prince William stand as the direct heirs of Queen Elizabeth II. But, if they die, would Prince Harry become the King of the United Kingdom?

Several royal followers have wondered about this. It is not surprising considering that the British Royal Family has a lot of "complicated" rules.

Now that the Duke of Sussex has already left his royal life behind, this seemingly intrigued a lot more people. Although he is not a direct heir, he still stands as a "contender" since he is currently the sixth person in line to the throne, according to Cheat Sheet.

Queen Elizabeth II just turned 94-years-old in April. Reports said that it is only a matter of time before she fully concedes that she is "too old" to continue.

If she abdicates or dies, Prince Charles will automatically become the King of the United Kingdom. Everyone on the line of succession will move one step above, making Prince William the Heir Apparent.

If both the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge could not take the role, Prince George of Cambridge will become the next head of the British Monarchy, and not Prince Harry.

Prince George is the eldest son of Prince William, making him a direct heir, as well. Although he will officially become King as there is no "age minimum," he will need someone from the Royal Family who will carry out his duties and responsibilities. In British History, they are called the "Regent."

A regency, reportedly, lasts until the official British Monarch can already carry out the duties, which in Prince George's case when he is no longer a minor. But, until then, the appointed regent will be the one to lead the monarchy. 

The publication said that there is a possibility that the family will appoint Prince Harry to become the Prince Regent under Prince George's reign. One reason behind this is that he is the next person in line to the throne after Prince William and Kate Middleton's three kids.

Despite the possibility, Prince Harry might not, reportedly, step in to take the role. The same report noted that he just recently stepped down as a senior royal, and is unlikely to return to his royal life.

Sources also pointed out that the members of the Royal Family might not even ask him to stand as a regent following Megxit. So, they will likely choose someone in the line of succession other than the Duke of Sussex.