Queen Elizabeth II is now the longest-living reigning British Monarch. To date, she has reigned for 68 years.

Although some royal experts are reportedly certain that she has already started to slim down her royal duties and tasks and passed it all onto the other British Royals, it is said that she will not abdicate. So, it might take a few more years before Prince Charles ascends to the throne.

For many decades, the Queen and the Heir Apparent have been the center of the British Royal Family and British Monarchy. These days, however, this dynamic has seemingly changed.

In 2013, Prince William and Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George. While he is not Queen Elizabeth II's eldest great-grandchild, he plays a more important role than her other grandchildren. As explained, the royal-born Prince of Cambridge stands directly in the line of her succession.

Upon his birth, royal experts believe the British Monarch felt "relieved," according to the Daily Express. The reason being is that the center of the British Monarchy is already shifting its focus other than her and Prince Charles.

The publication's royal correspondent, Richard Palmer, reportedly shared his views on the matter to Channel 5's documentary titled, William and Kate: Too Good To Be True. It is stated that the "relief" could be seen on Queen Elizabeth II's face when she was photographed with the eldest Prince of Cambridge for the first time.

He then continued to assert that the whole focus changed from the older generations of British Royals to the "future" of the British Royal Family. It was also reportedly deemed as a "milestone in modernizing" the family and the monarchy.

The Queen and Prince Philip now have a total of eight grandchildren. Three of them are direct heirs of the British Monarch since they are the children of the future King and Queen Consort, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Despite having huge roles, the young royals of Cambridge reportedly live a normal life. As repeatedly reported, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge always try to give them a normal lifestyle.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, who are now six and five, respectively, reportedly have a close relationship with their great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. They both call her "Gan-gan," as per The Sun.

As stated, the inspiration came from Prince Charles, who then called his grandmother, the Queen Mother, the same nickname. As for the Queen's grandchildren, Prince Harry and Prince William, as well as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, they reportedly refer to their grandmother as "granny."