A recent interview with Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has fans speculating more about the Xbox Series X. It appears that the executive seemingly confirmed in his statement that Microsoft would hold an event for the Xbox Series X in August. This triggered speculations that Spencer could be hinting on the possible launch of the Xbox Series S as well as the announcement of the price and specific release date of the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X August Event

Recently, Phil Spencer sat down and discussed a lot of things with YouTube channel iJustine. During the interview, the executive mentioned that he was "encouraged to be able to talk more" about Xbox Series X's backwards compatibility features." Spencer added that "I think in August we will have more to say on that."

While the Xbox boss could be referring to the backwards compatibility feature of the next-gen Xbox Series X, some gaming fans and enthusiasts think otherwise. There are speculations right now that Microsoft might finally launch the heavily-rumored Xbox Series S at its upcoming August event. Over the past months, a lot of leaks showing references to Xbox Series S or Xbox Lockhart surfaced online.

These leaks gave credence on earlier rumors revealing the existence of the alleged more affordable console releasing alongside the Xbox Series X this year. A recent interview with 343 Industries Head Chris Lee also caused fans to speculate more about the Xbox Series S. The gaming executive said that "Halo Infinite" was designed so it would perform well on 'all Scarlett devices.'

While Lee did not directly mention Xbox Lockhart or Xbox Series S, he somehow confirmed that there is more than one next-gen console that Microsoft has been preparing. But, all these leaks and talks about the more affordable gaming console are unofficial.

Xbox Series S Price And Release Date Announcement

Aside from the Xbox Series S' rumored launch, some fans believe that the August event could be the platform where the company would announce the price and specific release date of the Xbox Series X. Although Microsoft already launched the Xbox Series X console last year, it has not yet revealed its official price. Until now, the Redmond-based tech giant is mum on the specific release date of its next-gen console.

Microsoft is not alone in this since Sony is doing the same with the PS5. Like its rival, the Japanese gaming giant is still sticking with its holiday 2020 release window. However, considering that the fall release window of both consoles is nearing, it is just a matter of time before the industry hears more about the forthcoming consoles' price and release date.