Prince Charles, apparently, has some very specific demands when it comes to his breakfast and his royal aides bend their backs to get this right even if the methods are quite wasteful. 

According to a report, Prince Charles' morning meals could likely raise some eyebrows because of the amount of eggs that, allegedly, get wasted every week. The royal lectures against food waste, especially in this coronavirus pandemic. But, his cooks apparently prepare seven eggs for breakfast even if he eats just one. 

Apparently, the cooks need to prepare a series of eggs because they are not quite sure which would satisfy Prince Charles. The eating habits of the Prince of Wales are detailed in the book On Royalty.

The same claims about Prince Charles' egg preference apparently also appeared in another book, The Housekeeper's Diary, from author Wendy Berry. She used to be the housekeeper of Highgrove, Prince Charles' country home, and left the country to publish her book in America, where there could be no court injunction from London. 

Buckingham Palace, however, issued a denial about the books' claims as it, apparently, bothered Prince Charles. Royal aides issued a statement on behalf of the heir saying that the story is "completely untrue."  The British royal family rarely makes statements about false reports but Prince Charles felt silence was not the right response to this egg story. 

Meanwhile, following the coronavirus crisis, Prince Charles did speak about food waste and asked the U.K. public to support their local farmers as harvest season neared. The Prince of Wales promoted the government's Pick for Britain initiative that will employ an "army of people" to pick fruits and vegetables in farmlands across the country as there have been a shortage of laborers. 

Pickers usually come from Eastern Europe but only a few were able to travel to the country since the coronavirus crisis restrictions. Thus, the government and Prince Charles turned to furloughed workers for help to ensure that crops will not rot and go to waste because of failure to harvest. 

Prince Charles, also, urged the public to grow their own vegetable garden for sustainability. He praised the government's initiative after learning that more people are starting to grow their own produce in patches or pots during this pandemic. The Prince of Wales is into a farming, as with many members of the royal family.