Jimin is someone who can be cute and sexy at the same time. He can, also, be the most adorable member of BTS, but he can be the scariest one as well.

That being said, people can not instantly pinpoint Jimin’s exact personality. Although many see him as a cheerful person, the “Filter” singer admitted that he’s not always positive. He then shared what makes him optimistic.

“I’m not a person who’s positive all the time, but these days I’ve been feeling thankful for the small things I took for granted. That’s where I’m getting positive energy from,” Jimin said during an interview on the show Waktu Indonesia Belanja for Tokopedia on July 29.

Unlike Jimin, his roommate J-Hope is instantly known for his positive vibe. In fact, the interviewer even called the BTS rapper’s optimism and energetic dancing as his superpower. ARMYs also gave him the nickname “Sunshine” because of his bright and bubbly personality.

Despite these observations, V ranked J-Hope as one of the top two scariest members of BTS. The top spot goes to Mr. aegyo himself, Jimin. ARMYs love these boys for their adorable ways, But fans don’t live with J-Hope and Jimin — the rest of the BTS members do. Because of that, RM, Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook know them more than the fandom.

While many were shocked with V’s ranking, fans started to notice J-Hope’s intense serious face, especially when they’re rehearsing. Being the dance leader of the group, the BTS rapper is in charge of their choreography, and the members appeared to be afraid of making a mistake so they won’t upset him.

As for Jimin, Suga revealed during BTS' appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke that the “Promise” singer and V are the two members who argue a lot. With Jimin being two months older, he probably sees V as a younger brother who should listen to him, but since they have the same age, V probably sees Jimin as his equal — this is a perfect mix for an argument.

But, when V cried in one of the episodes of Bon Voyage, his top two scariest members were the ones who comforted him. After the staff said that V was crying, J-Hope and Jimin quickly went up to him and comforted him.

Despite being two of the scariest members of BTS as per V, J-Hope and Jimin proved that they are two of the sweetest members of the group as well. The boys shared multiple times that they consider each other as family. And, just like real family members, they argue yet love each other at the same time.