Lucifer season 5 will be dropping its first part in late August and there are a lot of stories coming here. Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar are the two most important characters in the series and their relationship makes the story even more interesting.

Lucifer season 5 will further explore the partnership of these two but there could be huge changes because of the arrival of the titular character's twin brother, Michael. His motives are unclear at the moment, but he wanted to take whatever and whoever Lucifer have in Los Angeles.

The titular character is, currently, in Hell. So, Michael could use this as an advantage. He arrives in L.A. and everyone initially believes he is Lucifer. He will try to get close to Chloe and get what he wants, and this could cause her a huge amount of pain.

Good thing is that Lucifer will show up at some point and will have an epic battle with his twin brother. Chloe will then reunite with the one she really loves and their time apart likely helped her think what she wants for their relationship. They could get back together within the first half of Lucifer season 5.

It's interesting to see what could be the long-term future of the two, especially since they've been through a lot already. While Chloe struggled to accept Lucifer's true form, she, eventually, realized her feelings for him and admitted that she loves him.

Now, some have been wondering whether or not Lucifer season 5 could feature a proper engagement or a wedding for the two. Nothing is confirmed at the moment and that might, probably, be explored in the sixth and final installment.

There isn't really a rush for these two, given that their relationship evolved in a very interesting way. It took years before Chloe and Lucifer to be together, and there are still a lot of stories to tell. For now, it would be nice to see them spending some time with each other after Lucifer's time in Hell.

Meanwhile, there are still a few remaining episodes that haven't been filmed as production was underway at the time the global health crisis hits. There is no definite timetable when filming could resume and everything depends on the current situation.

If ever the production starts again by the end of the year, we could expect the second half arriving in early 2021 on Netflix. Some recent reports, also, suggest that one of these episodes is a musical chapter, which is interesting to see.

Lucifer season 5 will premiere on Friday, Aug. 21, on Netflix.