Donald Trump seemingly believes that the upcoming November elections could lead to "fraud" and "inaccurate results." In a series of tweets on Thursday, he shared his thoughts about the matter and has since suggested delaying the 2020 Presidential Election.

Despite urging the delays, reports noted that he does not have any authority to do so. BBC reiterates that, under the constitution, the U.S. President does not have any power to postpone the election. Congress has the sole authority to approve election delays.

Nevertheless, experts said that Trump certainly knows this. As a result, many have wondered why he is trying to delay it.

The reports regarded that Donald Trump has no clear evidence to support his claims. Nevertheless, he, reportedly, has long "railed" against the mail-in voting.

He stated, however, that the postal voting was already "proving to be a catastrophic disaster," a reference to the areas where they tried the process.

The same publication said that voters in New York voted by post for the Democratic primary poll in June. Following the process, delays have reportedly become apparent, and results have remained unknown.

But, when asked about it, the U.S. President seemingly "acknowledged" that he intended to plant the seed of doubt into the upcoming election, according to CNN.

Joe Biden has previously asserted the possibility of Trump undermining the election schedule. He, reportedly, said that Donald Trump will try to "kick back" the election, adding that his opponent will come up with some "rationale" to support his assertions.

Responding to Thursday's claims, several individuals from both parties stated that the U.S. President's suggestion was a "non-starter." Senator Lindsey Graham, who is, reportedly, a top ally of his, said that it is not a "good idea."

Senator John Thune claimed that Trump's statements will likely get "press attention, but doubts that it will get "any serious traction." As for Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker responded to the tweet with a quote of the passage in the Constitution clarifying that only Congress has the authority to set the date of elections.

Netizens were also quick to respond to Donald Trump on social media. Several individuals have repeatedly emphasized that he has no power to delay the election. Others, however, seemingly had an analysis of the U.S. President's suggestions, stating that he might be "scared" of the possible results of the upcoming election.

Despite the outrage of many, there are still some who defended Trump on the platform. His avid fans and followers explained that he is just "speaking the truth," noting that there is a possibility of "fraud" and inaccurate results due to mail-in voting.