Queen Elizabeth II has remained silent about her return to Buckingham Palace. Some royal experts assert that she will not relocate back to London even after the pandemic crisis. But, royal fans and supporters, reportedly, believe otherwise.

In a quick poll from the Daily Express, over 800 readers participated and shared their beliefs about the British Monarch's return to Buckingham Palace. Seventy two percent of the respondents said that she will, especially when the country has finally eradicated the coronavirus.

Most of these royal watchers, reportedly, shared some comments about the matter. While some expressed care and wished her well, others argued that Queen Elizabeth II could go places where "her laws permit." 

On the other hand, about 22 percent of the voters claimed that she will no longer fly back to her working residence. The remaining six percent, though, claimed that they have no idea.

The publication, then, noted that the talks about her return have become apparent after royal experts had different opinions about the issue. Some of them, reportedly, claimed that the British Monarchy will stay either in Windsor Castle or Balmoral, "for good."

Many of the commentators added that, if this happens, "devastation" will emerge on Queen Elizabeth II's part. But, royal author Tom Quinn countered that she might feel "relieved" if she will stay in her favorite residences even after the pandemic.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh relocated to Windsor Castle following the strict lockdown measures in the United Kingdom. They stayed in the Berkshire property for four months.

Despite observing self-isolation, reports said that the British Monarch has not stopped doing her royal duties and responsibilities. Sources, reportedly, claimed that she has continued to communicate with the other British Royals, as well as the Prime Minister of the country.

During their stay, Queen Elizabeth II held and hosted three important royal events in Windsor. These are the "mini" Trooping The Colour, Princess Beatrice's wedding, and the investiture of Captain Tom Moore.

On Tuesday, though, she and her husband flew to Balmoral for their annual summer stay in the Scottish property, according to People. They, reportedly, boarded a private plane to Aberdeenshire and rode a private car going to the castle.

Sources, also, revealed that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip brought their two pets with them. Photos have since emerged featuring the royal couple, alongside their two "dorgis," which is a mixed breed of a dachshund and corgi.

The Queen's annual summer vacation in Balmoral is "not all play" for her. The publication claimed that, despite the break from Buckingham Palace, she does work in the property as her staff and aides always bring her "red boxes" of diplomatic papers to her.