Earlier this month, Queen Elizabeth II left her self-isolation to knight Captain Tom Moore on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Reports said that this was the first time the British Monarch stepped outside from lockdown to conduct a ceremony with an audience.

The special event, reportedly, went well. However, what came after seemingly shocked a lot of people since the war hero "rejected" the Queen's offer, according to the Daily Express.

Speaking on ITV's Royal Rota, royal correspondent Chris Ship claimed that Queen Elizabeth II offered Tom Moore to "share a cup of tea" with her. Unfortunately, the 100-year-old had to decline because he already had plans.

The royal commentator continued to share that this all "transpired" when the car came to pick the Captain up. After the Queen shared her invite, the newly-knighted war hero, reportedly, "rejected" but remained a "gentleman."

He shortly told the British Monarch what his plans were. Reports, then, said that he, alongside his family, went to the hotel down the road.

Chris Ship, later on, commented that Captain Tom Moore, "basically," said, "no thanks" to Queen Elizabeth II. There are not many people who would say that to her, he claimed.

The special ceremony centered mainly on Captain Tom Moore's knighthood. The Queen "bestowed" him the "great honor" because of his efforts in raising over $42 million to help the NHS workers amid the pandemic crisis, according to New Idea.

Ahead of his knighthood, the Captain, reportedly, shared an emotional post on social media, revealing his thoughts about the honor. He said that he could never have imagined it happening to him.

He also expressed his excitement toward meeting Queen Elizabeth II. In the end, he deemed the day of the ceremony as the "most special" for him.

Earlier that day, Queen Elizabeth II attended Princess Beatrice's wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Reports said that she also disclosed this with Captain Tom Moore during the afternoon event.

While she had already left her self-isolation to witness and conduct engagements, recent claims suggested that she might no longer return to Buckingham Palace. Royal experts, reportedly, believe that this is "highly likely" to happen. Nevertheless, some of them assert that the Queen might be feeling "relieved" because of this.

But, amid all these thoughts, the British Monarch has not confirmed nor denied any of these speculations. Accordingly, it remains unclear whether she will stay in Windsor Castle or Balmoral for good.