Queen Elizabeth shares four kids with Prince Philip. While they all seemed to get along well, a parenting expert said that the British Monarch is likely one of the "strictest" parents among the British Royals.

The expert, Sue Atkins, based her analysis on the photos of the Queen, alongside her children, according to the Daily Express. She, reportedly, noted that the Queen might have maintained an "authoritarian" style in raising her kids, especially Prince Charles and Princess Anne.

Atkins, then, deemed her as a "tiger mum." She explained that this type of mother may have very high expectations and "distant" relationships with their kids. In the end, she added that parents, who are "tigers," normally push their kids to achieve high levels of success.

The claims, reportedly, came after the repeated assertions of several authors and biographers concerning Queen Elizabeth's relationships with her children. In most cases, they asserted that she has a "slightly aloof" connection, most especially, with the Prince of Wales.

Royal historian Robert Lacy previously claimed that the British Monarch grew up in the same household setting. With her parents, King George VI and the Queen Mother, always leaving them at home, it is not, reportedly, surprising why she believed that raising Prince Charles in the care of a "nanny" was much better.

Royal expert Sally Bedell Smith echoed Lacy's assertions. She, reportedly, stated that Queen Elizabeth appeared to have lackings in establishing a "tactile connection" with her children, in the past.

In citing examples, Smith referenced the "greeting" that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh gave to their two eldest children after returning home from their six-month tour abroad in 1954. She revealed that the royal couple greeted Prince Charles and Princess Anne with a "handshake."

In the same report, the parenting expert, also, reportedly, touched on Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's parenting styles. As opposed to Queen Elizabeth, Atkins said that the two Duchesses' parenting styles are far from the Queen's.

She referred to the Duchess of Cambridge's style as the "lighthouse" type. This is because the future Queen Consort, allegedly, appears to have a "warm bond" with the young Cambridges. Aside from soothing her kids' "temper tantrums," she, also, "gets on eye level" with the young royals.

Meanwhile, the expert labeled the Duchess of Sussex's parenting style as the "lawnmower" type. She pointed out that Meghan will, certainly, move out of her way to remove all the possible obstacles in her son's path.