Marriage rumors about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are once again on the horizon after Dua Lipa called the country singer the No Doubt vocalist's "husband." The 50-year-old singer-songwriter reacted to the "New Rules" hitmaker's mistake, but she seemed to like it.

Lipa played as the guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Stefani made a virtual appearance. The 24-year-old singer asked the former The Voice judge about her quarantine time with Shelton in Oklahoma and the other people they were with.

When Lipa mistakenly called the 44-year-old television personality the "Hollaback Girl" singer's husband, the latter gave a sweet reactionE! News noted. Gavin Rossdale's former wife took a pause, smiled, and cleared that the "God's Country" singer is not her husband.

However, Stefani admitted it sounded cool when Lipa said it. When Lipa realized her mistake, she just laughed it off and continued their talk as total professionals.

Later, Stefani explained she, along with her family, all stayed at Shelton's ranch when the coronavirus quarantine began. Before the lockdown started, they were still on tour.

Her brother was with them at the time so his whole family came out. It was Stefani, her three boys, Shelton, his brother, his wife, their two children, her sister, and a friend, so there were about 15 of them in Oklahoma. 

Stefani continued that it was a lot of fun at first, but she found everything so sudden. The work was over, and they got the time to indulge and stay at the ranch, feeling every day was a new thing.

As a ranch girl, Lipa asked if Stefani also has cowboy boots, to which the latter confirmed she already has a "bunch." She also shared that she has this one pair of boots that have been with her for five years now, signifying the number of years she and Shelton started dating.

Entertainment Tonight added that Stefani, also, took part in Lipa's Dua Tell, where she would ask a quickfire of questions. When asked who gave her the sex talk, Stefani revealed it was her parents, praising them for being good at it and adding that she had been a "very good girl for a very long time."

The most annoying trait she found Shelton had was probably being on her phone. Stefani, also, admitted that she would forget her lyrics on stage, but still surprised that she could remember as much as she could.