It's been widely reported that Prince William's rift with Prince Harry had largely to do with his concerns over his younger brother's relationship with Meghan Markle. But, a new report states that the royal brothers were also apparently fighting over money.

Finding Freedom, the biography about Prince Harry and Meghan, sheds light on this new development. Apparently, Prince Harry felt that he always came in second to his older brother, even when it came to funding.

There were, reportedly, instances when Prince Harry wanted to secure more funds to pursue projects for him and Meghan. However, he, apparently, didn't always get the money because Prince William was "the priority." 

Prince Harry wanted to make a huge impact on his advocacies but he couldn't do that without the proper funds. By the time he married Meghan in 2018, the Duke of Sussex grew increasingly concerned that his plan to promote his philanthropy in a big way might not happen. 

The Duke of Sussex realized that he would, one day, have to step aside for his nephew when Prince George, Prince William's first-born son, turns 18 and becomes a senior working royal. Since Prince George is the third in line to the throne, then the younger royal has succession seniority over his Uncle Harry. This, again, will impact funding.

Thus, if Prince Harry wanted to make a mark now then things have to change. Finding Freedom authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote that it became clear that Prince Harry didn't want to stand in his brother's shadow. He also didn't want to be "sidelined" just as he and Meghan were starting their new life together. 

Apparently, being sidelined was the exact scenario that happened between Prince Charles and his younger brother, Prince Andrew. Because Prince Charles was the priority as the heir, Prince Andrew sought other avenues to create his influence, which led him to associate with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

But, the book also stated that Prince William was aware of how Prince Harry felt. He tried to correct the system by agreeing to offshoot the Sussex Royal Foundation from The Royal Foundation. He agreed to work separately from his brother so that Prince Harry and Meghan could establish their own charity.

Apparently, Prince William believed his brother and sister-in-law are valuable to The Firm. He fought for funding allocation for the Sussexes and their new staff at Kensington Palace.  This gesture, however, still didn't soothe Prince Harry because he still had personal gripes against Prince William's caution over his whirlwind relationship with Meghan in 2016.