There is little doubt that the upcoming sequel of Shazam! is one of the most highly anticipated films from the DC Extended Universe. After all, the 2019 Warner Bros. flick was a huge commercial hit and it also teased on what fans could expect in a follow-up movie. But will the new film actually be called Shazam 2? Director David F. Sandberg may have revealed the flick's official title in a hilarious "trailer" for the 2022 movie.

David F. Sandberg has been pretty open about his plans for Shazam 2 since he usually shares some updates about the film with fans on social media. Anyone who follows the filmmaker would be well aware of his hilarious posts that always poke fun at his own projects. Not surprisingly, the upcoming DC Extended Universe sequel is no exception to the rule. Sandberg has just shared a fake trailer that uses "reviews" of the movie and it may have revealed the official title of the Zachary Levi flick.

The "trailer" was shared on David F. Sandberg's official Twitter account along with a hilarious caption. "We haven't shot Shazam 2 yet but there are already reviews up on Letterboxd. I'm pretty sure that means we're allowed to start using review quotes for marketing," the director wrote. Although it is unclear if the quotes are indeed from Letterboxd or may have been direct messages sent on Twitter, it does confirm that Shazam fans are just as hilarious as the comic book hero himself.

The quotes include messages from someone named "Roberto The Person" saying, "I'm fine with this" to an obvious fan of the filmmaker declaring, "David F. Sandberg is a sweetheart" complete with heart emojis.

A lengthier quote is addressed to one of the Shazam 2 stars. "Jack Dylan Grazer I'm free Thursday night to paint ur nails and dance in ur room to Fleetwood Mac," the quote from "Nev" reads. Not surprisingly, some fans are convinced that the cast and crew themselves have sent the messages to Sandberg.

Although people were laughing at the fake trailer, some fans also pointed out that it may have revealed the sequel's official title. At the end of the trailer, the movie logo is revealed as "Shazam!!" with two exclamation points.

For now, David F. Sandberg hasn't confirmed if this would be the title for Shazam 2 but the truth could be revealed at DC FanDome next week. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.