Katy Perry let her fans see for the first time her baby's nursery. The singer gave a mini-tour of the nursery and it showed how ready the singer is in welcoming the new addition to their family. 

During her weekly Smile Sunday live stream, the "Daisy" singer gave a quick glimpse of the pink-themed nursery of her first child with actor Orlando Bloom. The room was painted pink and has a circular crib and changing station with a large mirror. 

It also has a pink recliner that has a white blanket spread across the headrest, which is both perfect for Perry's breast-feeding time with her daughter. Some baby clothes and shoes were also seen hanging on the wall. 

During the broadcast, the "Teenage Dream" singer also showed off some of her daughter's unique wardrobe. It includes a onesie covered with Bloom's face, rainbow and sailor dresses, and a cute one that is adorned with Eggo waffles.

The mini-tour lasted for less than five minutes but KatyCats were pleased to see how happy the singer looked in anticipation of her baby girl. Many can no longer wait for the little Katy Perry wearing the onesie with Orlando's face on it.

Katty is due to deliver her baby next month. The "Roar" singer earlier revealed that she and Bloom already gave a nickname to their daughter and it's "Kicky Perry." 

She said it is because their unborn daughter is already showing signs of being a rebel. Katy showed a sonogram of her daughter that looked like she's throwing up a middle finger.

In her previous remote appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Perry admitted that she has been learning to be a mother fast as she spends more time at home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The singer added she also gets help from family members who are staying with her, particularly her nephew and nieces, and Bloom's 9-year-old son, Flynn, whom he shares with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Meanwhile, before Katy welcomes her first child, she will first release her latest album, Smile, on August 28. The "Dark Horse" singer has been promoting the album for the past few weeks. During her recent live stream, she also played a snippet of her new song "Tucked," off the upcoming album.

Perry admitted that she is hoping to get back to the stage next year but because of COVID-19, she can't say for sure when it will happen. The "Firework" singer said she originally planned to go on tour to promote her new album, but nothing is clear at the moment until the pandemic ends.